MOTRAG "Base Mount" system

Our "Base Mount" system is the link connector between the navigationsystem and the motorcycle. Like the name already reveals it's the base system for navigation system.


The system also stands for great flexibility. Because besides the possibility to hook up our "Micro Mount" system to it, you can also attach Ram Mount Adapters.


By now the system is available for aprilia ETV Caponord Rally Raid and the new Ducati Multistrada. But further models are already in constructing.

Motrag "Micro Mount" system

Motrag "Micro Mount" offers an anti vibration mounting for your navigation system constructed to use a minimum of space. This allows the system to be mounted even to sport motorcycles where space is very short! The decoupling system prevents the transfer from the disturbing vibrations caused by the vehicle which would regulary be passed on to the navigation system. This would lead to a blurred picture looking at the navigation system.

The "Micro Mount" system will give you a clearly visible view to your navigation system.


Our System also offers a maximum on flexibility!

You can mount it for example directly to a fixing plate,

or just mount a RAM Mount adapter piece to it.

You also have the possibility to mount it to a 12mm

steering cross brace using the included collar.


To get a better impression of the system, you should have

a look at our "Micro Mount" product video where we describe

the whole system and it's advantages more detailed.


As usual for our products this product is a choice brand (quality at it's best)!

Our system is made out of an aluminum and titanium composition

and for best results in corrosion protection all parts get a primer coat first

followed by a black powder coating. All screws aswell a the 3mm collar

are made from stainless steel. To increase the static friction and for a scratch

protection the collar has a rubber coating.


Our mounting example shows our system for the Garmin 590 including our

seperate available "Base Mount" system on a aprilia ETV Caponord.


At the time available for Garmin Zumo navigation system of the following

series 340 / 350 / 390 / 395 / 590 / 595 TomTom models will follow in the next months.

MOTRAG auxiliary driving lights (Fog and Xenon)

Fear of the Dark...? That was yesterday!


Our auxiliary driving lights were developed to give more safety to the motorcycle and quad rider by giving him the best possible illumination of the driving lane. For that purpose we tried out different light systems and compared them with each other. The best ones with the best results were taking to make our auxiliary light systems that you will find in our shop.


In addition all the components of the system (mechanical and electrical) were arranged that way, that they are tough and weatherproof.


The auxiliary driving light systems are manufactured vehicle specific and are delivered with an mounting instruction including pictures for easy assembly. So convince yourself from the high quality of our products.

Motorcycle spare and wear parts from France Equipement

We now also offer high quality spare and wear parts from the company France Equipment. We have been using chain kits from France Equipement for over 15 years now, and the good treatment and high quality of the parts speak their own language.


We recommend to use the ultra reinforced version with the XW-ring chain from RK. We also recommend the white chain lubricant which convinces with a good adhesive strengh and it's greasing capacity.


All other spare and wear parts from France Equipement are also available.



Gasoline quick connector system out of metal

These connectors out of metal with gasoline resistant Viton seals guarantee highest quality and are absolut leakproof after disconnecting. The Viton seals also are usably up to 200°C.


The factory-provided plastic connectors are often getting hard when they get older, this leads to cracks and makes them brake easily. That often happens through vibration or when the fuel tank is taken off. Sometimes only a slight lifting of the fuel tank is enough for the connectors to break. A very hard strike when this happens on your long planned motorcycle trip.


With our metal connectors you can avoid such a scenario!

Motorcycle storage shelf for side panniers or topcase

The perfect shelf to attach to your topcase or side panniers. That way you can easily store documents, mobile phone, digital camera or other small items without any problems. A really helpful utility to keep your stuff organized. Thanks to the stretchable rubber net on the frontside it can also take bulkier items. The rubber net also makes it slip resistent to keep everything in place during riding.


This useful accessory is available in two different sizes and can easily be fixed wherever you'd like it. Therefore you have the option to fix it with double sided tape or screws, which are included.

Waterproof sealed 12V Socket

Our 12V Socket is waterproof, resistant against corrosion and was designed to last even under extreme conditions.


The mounting device is manufactured from 2mm thick aluminium with a high quality base coat followed by a matte black powder coating which gives it a perfect protection against corrosion. To give this protection also to the connection components, all screws and pipe clamps are made from stainless steel. The mounting pipe clamps are also rubberized to protect the parts on the motorcycle.

To prevent moisture from getting into the electric components, the backside of the plug is sealed. On the front there is a massive rubber cap protecting the socket from water. The wire connectors and the fuse holder are even protected against spraying water.


This is a high quality product for high requirements!

Motorcycle tyre repair set

This set has already saved some motorcycle tour and motorcyclist. A flat tyre is always inconvenient and can become a big problem on a great motorcycle tour. In the middle of nowhere no garage nearby what now?


This complete set let's you keep cool, because you can repair your tyre fast and easy in most cases. And the tour can go on.


That's why this set shouldn't be missed on any bike!


Tyco AMP Superseal 1,5

These connectors are a high quality product for vehicle electronic systems. The contacts of these plugs are sealed waterproof when used right. This gives you a perfect protection against contact corrosion.


In addition these connectors are also resistant against ozon, salt, petrol, diesel, brake fluid, cooling fluid, and also motor and gear oils. All these points make these plugs very reliable and essential in the motorcycle segment.


Of course you will also find the pliers in our shop to use these connectors professionaly.

Squirtingwater resistant wire splitting

Working on the vehicle electric you often come to a point where you have to split a wire to hook up another electrical consumer. But now the question is how do you do it the best way?


Well, here is a solution. These round plugs allow you to make a nice and professional wire splitting into two or three wires depending on the chosen plug. To give a protection against squirting water, all plugs get covered with a silicon rubber.